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NEWSLETTER CIPL - Nr. 3: October 2020


Nr. 3: October 2020
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La ALFAL como miembro de CIPL (Comité International Permanent des Linguistes / Permament International Committee of Linguists) ha recibido su tercera Newsletter.




The 21st International Congress of Linguists (ICL21)


The upcoming Internafional Congress of Linguists, ICL21, will take place in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) from 25 June to 2 July 2023. ICL21 will be jointly organised by Kazan Federal University and the Insfitute of Linguisfics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Read the complete announcement.




Travel grants winners and new application round


CIPL awarded three travel grants for young PhD students in the spring/summer 2020. The grants have been awarded to: Melissa Irvine from New Zealand, Victoria Leonefi Escandel from Spain and Teja Rebernik from the Netherlands. Read more.
A new applicafion round has been opened from October 1st unfil November 15th 2020: htp:/




A virtual festival celebrating the Caribbean languages


Melissa Irvine received a CIPL Travel Grant earlier this year in order to atend the 23rd Biennial Society for Caribbean Linguisfics conference that was to be held in Trinidad & Tobago. To make such a long trip (coming from New Zealand) even more worthwhile, she also planned to spend some fime in St. Lucia where she did the majority of the fieldwork for her PhD so that she could confinue some work there. Read her report here.




Exceptions rule! Lexical restrictions on grammatical structure


A new research project at the University of Amsterdam, called "Excepfions rule! Lexical restricfions on grammafical structure", tries to bring the fields of language typology and psycholinguisfics closer together, with a focus on alternafing verb-argument construcfions. You can read all about this here.




CIPSH Chair: Ethnolinguistic vitality and diversity in the world


The CIPSH Chair hosted by the University of Leiden with dr. Felix K. Ameka as project leader of this Chair, had to postpone their planned acfivifies due to the corona crisis. Read here about these acfivifies.




Interview Prof Tjeerd de Graaf


Associate Secretary-General of CIPL prof Camiel Hamans interviewed Prof Tjeerd de Graaf, a physicist who became a language rediscoverer. Read the interview here.




Introducing CLUL and SCL


In every newsleter one or two members of CIPL will introduce themselves. In previous newsleters you could learn more about Abralin, HiSoN and SHESL. In this third newsleter our new members the CLUL (Centro de Linguísfica da Universidade de Lisboa) and SCL (Society for Caribbean Linguisfics) introduce themselves.




SLE 2020 Platform


The Societas Linguisfica Europaea (SLE) organized a virtual conference on the SLE 2020 PlaVorm.

The meefing hosted 11 workshops as well as general session and poster session presentafions. The SLE 2020 PlaVorm was successful in bringing scholars together and promofing linguisfic research. You can read the full report writen by Olga Spevak and Bert Cornillie here.




Abralin ao Vivo – Linguists Online


Abralin ao Vivo was organized in response to the pandemic caused by the corona virus, which restricts us all from any academic meefings. Aher an intense period of organizafion, inifially involving Abralin and CIPL, the event started on May 4th 2020, with Noam Chomsky's opening conference. Read the report by Miguel Oliveira, Jr., President of Abralin.

And also visit Abralin's website to learn more about the First Internafional Twiter Conference on Linguisfics: Linguistweets.




CIPSH Academic Programme


The planning of the CIPSH conference in Odense Denmark, December 16- 17, 2020 confinues despite the challenges linked to Covid-19, including various restricfions on travelling, meefings etc. Read here version one of the outline of the academic program as it looks now that most invited speakers are confirmed.




Secretary-General: Prof Frieda Steurs



Associate Secretary-General: Prof Camiel Hamans





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